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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Dance

Much has been said about the Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants who use dance to get the attention of the passengers as they try to explain the safety features of the plane.

Some are amused; others are not affected while there are some who are indignant about it. They reason that the dancing degrades the stature of flight attendants.

Personally, I don’t agree that it degrades FA’s. What’s degrading about dancing? Dancing is an art that artists can use to communicate to the audience. Not unless, the FA’s are wearing compromising clothes but that is not the case with the Cebu Pacific FA’s. Although, I may not agree that it is necessary, I don’t agree that it is an issue of exploitation.

Perhaps, it is a matter of artistic innovation, which appreciation becomes relative to the onlooker. In the long run, the judgment lies on the result; if they convey more effectively their message to the passengers by dancing it out or not.

One thing is sure though, Karen Tracy Vitug, the FA in the video is definitely and unarguably cute. She has become an instant celebrity especially now that the CP-Dancing FA's You Tube video has crossed 9 million views. I won't be surprised if she'll end up in showbiz soon.

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