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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Honor and Excellence: Lecture by Prof Winnie Monsod

This could be rather late for Teacher’s Day but I’m posting it anyway. I am not a student of Prof Winnie but I agree with her message on her lecture about how UP (University of the Philippines, one of, if not, the prime universities in the country) students are leaders now as they are scholars of the people. Much is expected from them and they should live up to it.

In the past several years, the country has suffered from brain drain. Many of our good minds have gone out of the country to seek greener pasture. I know even some of them personally. Recently, PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomic Services Administration) has seriously suffered from migration of its senior weather forecasters to other weather agencies abroad.

However, we cannot blame them for making such a career choice especially when they receive very tempting offers. I just hope that in the coming years, the government may be able to provide good compensation for its invaluable professional human resource. 

Prof Winnie Monsod's Image:
from Ateneo de Manila University Website

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