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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flash Flood in Toowoomba Australia

About a year ago, the Philippines encountered a devastating flash flood that swept over a large portion of Quezon City, Marikina and Pasig including portions of the provinces of Rizal and Laguna. Filipinos remember it as the typhoon “Ondoy Tragedy”. 

Many blamed it to illegal logging in the mountains and to the “climate change” phenomenon.

Toowoomba Flood
Just last week, a terrible mud slide threatened lives in St. Bernard Southern Leyte, Philippines, which heavy and non-stop rain had caused. Almost at the same time, flash floods also devastated Queensland Australia, threatening even Brisbane. Flash flooding and mud-slides also took place in Brazil and Sri Langka.

These recent flash floods that have happened at different parts of the world seem to testify to the ill-effects of global warming and climate change. I don’t know if we can still reverse the situation but regardless, the only way to combat climate change is by an inner change. We need to become more responsible for our environment.

I guess the best way we can help is by planting trees. Plant a tree whenever and wherever you can and it will surely make a difference.

Image Credit: Daily Telegraph.Com

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