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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jordan Rice: A Brother's Sacrifice

Jordan Rice
Amidst tragedy, heroes emerge...

During the Queensland flash flood, a 13-year old boy crushed the hearts of many. Jordan Rice, drowned along with his mother after the strong water current swept their car away. He had a chance to leave the car when rescuers tried to reach them but he insisted that his brother Blake, be rescued first. As the rescuers returned for them, it was too late. The current had swept the car killing Jordan and his mother.

It must have been a horrifying scene especially for the rescuers. They gave their best but still they missed two lives. However, it could have been three had they not arrived in time. The rescuers were heroes too; worthy of honor and respect.

Jordan gave his life in exchange for his brother’s. It must be very painful for Blake and their father. I could say that it was a clear expression of love in its truest sense, self-sacrificing. Perhaps, he did not expect that he would die by doing that nevertheless, for a 13 year old to demand the safety of his brother in that life-threatening situation was extraordinary. He loved his brother more than he loved himself.

It was an amazing story of love between two brothers in the middle of a disaster. Perhaps, Jordan would live on in the memory of many people. From him we could learn what loving should be.

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