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Monday, January 17, 2011

Brazillian Woman Rescued from Rushing Flood

I don’t really blog about disasters. My intention is too blog about people who have done laudable acts and events that bring out the best in people no matter how ordinary they may be. 

House destroyed in Brazil flood
In the past weeks, flash floods have taken hundreds of lives almost at the same time in three different continents. First has been in Queensland (Australia), another in Brazil (South America), and another in Sri Langka and St. Bernard Southern Leyte here in the Philippine (Asia).

I’ve seen in our local news network a video footage of a Brazillian woman being rescued from the rushing flood. I’ve tried to look if it’s in You Tube and I’ve found it. I’d like to share it here on my blog. 

The woman was on top of a small building; perhaps an apartment and the rescuers were on an adjacent taller structure. They lowered a rope so they could pull the woman up. She wanted so much to save her dog. Before she grabbed the rope, she embraced it in the hope that she could take it with her but unfortunately, she could not hold it tight enough. It slipped off her grasp and it was washed away into sure death.

It’s amazing to see how a woman has tried to save her dog from sure death. It’s compassion in action.

The flood in Brazil took more than 500 lives. I hope this would become a wake up call to all people. We should start preserving our environment before the forces of nature destroy more civilizations.

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