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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jeddah: Under Flood?

I’ve heard from the news a very unusual occurrence: Jeddah under flood waters! It’s a bit troubling for me at first, imagine a city, which all people around the world know to be in a hot and desert country is under flood waters! It’s another clear validation of climate change.

As I’ve searched for additional info about the Jeddah flood, I’ve learned that flooding has been going on in Jeddah for the past couple of years. In fact, the 2009 flooding in Jeddah has been devastating, killing hundreds of lives and damaging infrastructure and property amounting to hundreds of million in dollars.

Perhaps, people themselves are responsible for the occurrence of disastrous floods. Waste management will only yield positive result if people will cooperate. No matter how good sewerage engineers plan and design sewage pipe lines, if people will continue to dispose their garbage irresponsibly, flooding will continue anywhere in the world.

Below is a You Tube video footage of the flood in Jeddah last 15th of January 2011:

Below are two You Tube video footages of the killer flood in Jeddah last 2009:

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