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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Azkals will Kick Tonight @ Panaad Park and Stadium

The Philippine Football Team, the “Azkals” fights Mongolia’s Blue Wolves tonight at the Panaad Park and Stadium, Bacolod City Philippines for the Asian Football Confederation. The venue can accommodate 20,000 people but around 100,000 fans converge to see the historical game.

The Azkals have come to the sports limelight last year after beating the champion team Vietnam at the 2010 Suzuki Cup. Although they failed to bring home the bacon against the football team of Indonesia, they have become the most followed football team in Southeast Asia.

The most well-known among the players are brothers James and Phil Younghusband, British-Filipinos, who have played for the Chelsea football team for some years too.

The Azkals will defend Philippine pride tonight with a huge home court advantage. Many believe that it could spell the difference and the biggest drawback for Mongolia’s Blue Wolves. Although Mongolia’s team coach, Sandagdorj Erdenebat say that they have veteran players in their line up.

Tonight’s game is going to be tough for both teams. The Azkals will carry a lot of pressure on their shoulders facing high expectations from their followers and the Blue Wolves will not be denied. Whatever the outcome may be, the Azkals will remain as the Filipinos’ football heroes.

Go Azkals and let the Philippine Flag fly high!

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Azkals Facebook Account

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