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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Old Woman Fought Off a Rolex Store Robbers

c/o ITN.Co.UK
It was incredible to see an old woman, a pensioner engaging a group of robbers trying to break in a Rolex store in Northampton, England by using sledgehammers. She ran off from the other side of the street and slammed the helmet of one of the robbers riding a motorbike with her hand bag. She kept on hitting them so they were forced to withdraw as the commotion had attracted so much attention. Besides, the storekeepers had slowly lowered the steel doors that had prevented them from forcing their way in. As the robbers were about to flee, the bystanders helped out and ran after the bandits.

A burglary had been preempted and thanks to the old woman because her amazing bravery had led to the arrest of one of the robbers. The police had arrested four more of the bad guys afterward.

However I must also give some credit to the robbers for not fighting back with their sledgehammer. 

That old woman is perfectly amazing.

Below is the video of the incident from You Tube: 

Image Above Courtesy of:

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