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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fukushima 50: Heroes of the Time

50 Japanese workers in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant have stayed behind to continue to work on the reactors to prevent a melt down. They have gone beyond personal safety; they have chosen to sacrifice personal health and life for the benefit of the greater majority of their fellow Japanese.

They bring to mind the kamikaze pilots during World War II; the pilots who intentionally slam their planes against US warships and aircraft carriers like huge torpedoes. They are brave warriors who have owned death in the service of their country and flag.

Here, we see Japanese bravery in facing death to save the lives of their countrymen. They will do whatever it takes to prevent a melt down and they will hold their post as long as they can.

But what can radioactive contamination do to people? Nuclear radiation can destroy cells, tissues and organs. It can cause thyroid cancer and leukemia, miscarriage, immune dysfunction, radiation dermatitis and even death.

The Fukushima 50 remain nameless and faceless as of today but the sacrifice that they are making for the good not only of the Japanese people in Fukushima Prefecture but also in the neighboring countries is unspeakable. They are putting their lives on the edge to save others’ lives. They deserve the salute of all the people in the world.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan have already paid tribute to the men, giving recognition to their pains and bravery.

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