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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Tsunami Aftermath: Latest Videos

It is the worst natural disaster in Japan in the past more than a hundred years. Death toll has risen to more than 1,600 people and authorities fear that it can reach as high as 10,000. Below is one of the latest videos that show the initial destruction the earthquake and tsunami has caused.

It is a very terrifying sight. As of the latest news broadcasts, 3 Filipina nurses in Sendai City has been confirmed dead and several others are still missing. Rescue teams has been dispatched from all over the world to aid in the rescue, search and recovery operations being done in Japan particularly Sendai City, which is the worst hit.

However, the most feared effect of the tsunami is the possible nuclear melt down from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants. According to news reports, it could release deadly radioactive particles in the region, endangering lives and economies.

The US 7th Fleet, according to reports has moved its ships from the region after they have discovered some low-level radioactive contagion.

I just hope that Japan’s technology can clean up whatever radioactive “fall out” might occur. This is a chance for the international community to extend help.

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