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Friday, March 4, 2011

Maria Aragon Sings with Lady Gaga Video

Maria Aragon waiting for performance with Lady Gga
Finally, You Tube sensation Maria Aragon performs live on stage with Lady Gaga no less. It has been an incredible feat for a girl in such a tender age. Her story is very inspiring especially for young kids her age. There are things that are worthy to pursue without giving up education like in her case, music and performing arts. It is perhaps, accidental but it is only prudent to grab the opportunity that has come her way. It is also nice to see her parents supporting her all the way.

It is touching to see Lady Gaga embracing Maria at the center stage during her concert in Toronto amid a jump packed, screaming and applauding fans. She even let Maria sit on her lap while they sit in front of the piano to perform together. Maria plays the piano while they sing and Lady Gaga presses piano keys once in while. It seems a little awkward because of very contrasting outfits but it is very emotional and intimate. They look like sisters singing together.

At the end of the performance, Lady Gaga kisses Maria then the latter waves a monkey stuff toy. Lady Gaga moves into tears as it she seems to adore the little girl very much.

The full video of their performance is on You Tube. View it here below:

Even if Maria has not visited the Philippines, she recognizes her roots as a Filipina although she’s now a Canadian citizen. She’s great and she’s perfectly amazing!

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