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Friday, March 4, 2011

About Justin Bieber’s Hair Craze

What is the most foolish thing you have done for love? Perhaps, one can have a litany of answer. What if I ask, “What is the most foolish thing you can do as a fan?” Perhaps, making scrapbooks for photos and news clippings of your “idol” is logical but buying the cut ends of his or her hair for $40, 668 seem ridiculous. What will one do with strands of hair? Forty thousand dollars can go a long way.

Well, maybe I could not identify with this actuation perhaps because I am not a fan. I do not really blog about celebrities even those who I really admire and follow but this one is not really about Justin Bieber but about the big fuss about his hair cut. I know that there are so many “Bilibers” who imitate his hair cut all over the world and it’s typical for avid fans. Now, his new haircut would be the next most imitated hair style in salons.

At least, the amount goes to Ellen Degeneres’ charity. An act that seems so childish could benefit a good cause. I understand it is for an animal rights foundation.

Maybe, it is something a fan can do to own a piece of the person she or he admires so much to cherish forever. It is a sign of love that knows no restrictions and follows no reason. Perhaps, in one way or another, we act in the same way whether we like it or not.

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