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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mobility: My Longstanding Dilemma

Since I have been paralyzed, I have been depending on a wheel chair for mobility; going around the house, doing some chores like sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping off dust from furniture top, cooking food, doing the laundry, washing dishes and personal necessities like bathing and moving to and from a toilet bowl, but without a wheelchair, I’m totally helpless.  Even if there are many limitations, at least I am not completely invalid.

However, one very important aspect of ones’ mobility is going from one place to another. There are wheelchair riders that can drive their seats along streets and main roads but I am not that strong in my upper body so I can’t pull myself up to my wheelchair the way other paraplegics do. I would need a lift in a literal sense. I would always need the help of a stronger man to pull me up or carry me to and from a vehicle. In that area, I am completely at the mercy of other peoples’ goodwill. Mobility is my longstanding dilemma and I need absolute freedom! Revolution!! Libertad!!

Well, the surest way to liberation is through occupational therapy but it is taking a very long time and very tiring at that. Admittedly though, I have to do it to develop even a little body strength to move myself up but still, it is not only exhausting physically but also psychologically.

Daydreaming makes one a dull boy but perhaps, it is not wrong to dream once in a while. I have seen this You Tube video of Rod Milner Motors advertisement accidentally. It is about a car that they have designed for people with disabilities. If only I can afford it, my longstanding dilemma would be solved forever. View it and find out what I mean.

Rod Milner Motors

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