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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twin Baby Boys Having a Conversation

The video of two baby boys having a conversation has become an instant hit in You Tube with 11,329,580 views as of press time. Even news agencies around the world have picked up the story. Indeed, the video looks very cute. The two boys seem to be talking to each other in a manner that only the two of them could understand. I guess, that’s what has made it a big hit. It’s so funny to see two kids talking to each other even before they could learn to speak. I’m sure parents have loved the video and I have seen other sites that has used the video in their posts.

Personally, I like the video a lot. It reminds me of how innocent children are; so free from the turmoil that life gives and yet so full of the joy that we all run after. It’s a great video of two great kids.

I wonder if the two would end up on TV and movies. I can say Hollywood; watch out!

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