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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hensel Conjoined Twins in You Tube

It must have been difficult to look strangely different from other people. Most especially if people are looking at you with shock and curiosity every time they see you. Some will befriend you while some will stay away from you. Some might even call you a monster.

I admire how Abigail and Britanny Hensel, the conjoined twins from Carver County, Minnesota, has managed to live their life victoriously and confidently in spite of their condition. Abby and Britty, as their friends and family call them, are dicephalic parapagus twins, which mean that they are conjoined twins with separate heads in one body.

They are as if two people trapped in one body. They even have had to take driver’s license tests twice, one for each twin. They are two distinct individuals with different likes and dislikes when it comes to food, dresses, colors, and fashion. In fact, they have dresses that have two different necklines to express their individuality. They say that Abby is good in Math while Britty is good at writing. What is so amazing to think about is how they write. Which woman is using the hand? Which woman is typing when responding to emails? Yet they manage to do it as individuals.

Experts though are concerned about their health since only a few conjoined twins have survived into adulthood. However, the twins have not shown any sign of cardiac disease so far. In fact they dream of having a family, getting married and having children. They expect to be able to lead typical and normal social lives. Although, they still dislike the feeling when strangers stare at them and take pictures. I believe, people should avoid doing that. It is true that it is a strange thing to see but they are people with emotions and we have to respect their feelings all the time.

It is an amazing courage that they have shown the world. God bless them.


  1. they are indeed amazing girls! i looked up with these kind of people who shows courage despite of their situation.

  2. yes carina, I agree with you. They are very courageous girls... thanks for reading... hope to see you again...


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