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Sunday, May 15, 2011

International Day of Compassion in Honor of Dr. Patch Adams

I have watched the movie Patch Adams, in 1998. I hardly recall the plot of the movie but I remember enjoying the movie starring Robin Williams. The least I recall from the movie is that people can get better when they are sick if they will learn to be happy no matter how difficult their situation may be. What else can give happiness to a lonely and sick person but a warm and true friendship!

Dr Patch Adams
Today, we celebrate the International Day of Compassion to honor Dr Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams, M.D. Each year he organizes a group of volunteers from around the world to travel to various countries where they dress as clowns in an effort to bring humor to orphans, patients, and other people.

He is the founder of the Gesundheit! Institute (Gesundheit is a German word, which means health). The goal of the Institute is to integrate a traditional hospital with alternative medicine such as naturopathy, acupuncture, and homeopathy. Care combines integrative medicine with performing arts, crafts, nature, agriculture, and recreation. One of the continued missions of the Gesundheit! Institute involves the concept of "humanitarian clowning". The project uses the theme of laughter as an integral element of effective doctoral care. In the past, the Gesundheit! Institute has taken clowns into the war zones in Bosnia, refugee camps in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as South African orphanages (wikipedia).

His passion is born out of compassion to the point of doing something crazy like dressing like a clown to make people feel better. It is not easy to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to people in need of affection. Being concerned about other people sometimes require to give a little of oneself to make a more concrete expression of genuine love.

There may be people around you who need acts of compassion. Why not share yourself? Just wear a sincere smile and you can warm the hearts of people. This is a day when we can make a world of difference.

May God give Dr Patch Adams a lot more time to do what he is doing for people who needs some care. 

Image and info courtesy of wikipedia


  1. I love this line from your post. Friendship can really do wonders.
    What else can give happiness to a lonely and sick person but a warm and true friendship!

    Anyway I have installed a text link of your blog leading to your blog of course. If you have time you might want to check it out.

  2. Thanks Kench, I've been to your blog. I'll come back soon...

  3. I have watched that movie, too and i didn't know that Dr. Adams really exist :)

    Btw, thanks for the visit and comments, Arnel!


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