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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mental Health Month Blog Party

I have learned that May is Mental Health month. I believe this is an event where people can tackle the issue of mental health disorder, which one in four Americans experiences every year, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health, which is about 25% of the population if I am correct.

What causes mental health disorder? I believe one of the major contributing factors is stress both physical and psychological especially when both are present. When the pressure of problems has become too great for a person, it may cause a mental breakdown.

In some cases, the disorder is relative to a biological anomaly. Bipolar Disorder for example is a mental disorder that chemical imbalance in the brain cells causes, which results in sudden mood swings from mania to depression. Mood swings may be months in between, or weeks, or days, or even just hours. Patients themselves would have trouble understanding their own condition.

Since bipolar disorder is a result of chemical imbalance in the brain cells, taking prescription medicines to manage their condition is inevitable. However, mood-stabilizing drugs are not the only remedy. Support of the family is a very important contributing factor to improve the condition and avoid factors that stimulate mood swing. The important word I believe is “acceptance”. Before a patient can accept his condition and strive to rise up from it, his or her family must first accept him or her with open arms and it is the same with any type of mental disorder.

It is sad that many choose to hide the condition of a family member with a mental disorder because they feel ashamed. They cannot accept the fact that a family member is mentally ill. This blog party aims to tell the world that people with mental disorder need help and not condemnation. They need to feel the concern of the people around them. They are special people with a special need- care. People with mental disorders need acceptance and that is the least we can all do.

I believe the best medicine to prevent a mental breakdown is a listening ear and broad shoulders. I guess, it is not that much to give.


  1. di ko alam ito ah...month of may pala ang mental health month

    thanks for leaving a comment...
    and i’m happy that we share the same view about this CCT…

    the Filipino people are hardworking and yet our lives doesn’t change because we are exploited and oppressed by US imperialism that imposed neoliberal policies and unequal agreements and absolutely followed blindly by the landlords and big capitalists and politicians in our country; definitely poverty will stay kung walang gagawin ang sambayang Pilipino; kaya nga may naganap na EDSA uprising, we exercise people power…may mga political actions ang mga manggagawa at magsasaka at iba pang sector ng lipunan to change our lives…

    about brunei… I beg to dis-agree your point here...

    dahil one of major oil producer in the world ang brunei they have plenty of oil money to give financial assistance to the population, yes they have free healthcare, free education, food assistance, subsidized housing, no tax to pay…but it doesn’t help the Bruneians, they are reliant on financial assistance from the government; as you said: “don’t just give men fish, teach them how to fish”; again the anti-poverty policy of the government is “give money”, just like the CCT program of the Aquino administration

    two points more:
    1.Paano kung hindi na maganda ang relationship ng Brunei at US? Gagawin din ng US ang ginawa niya sa mamamayan ng Afghanistan at ngayon ang nagaganap na giyera ng US sa middle east – Libya at Yemen? Paano na ang mamamayan ng Brunei?
    2.Iyong financial assistance na binibigay ng government ng brunei ay barya lang sa kinikita ng kanilang king/sultan

  2. Thanks Lee, for dropping. Marami pa talaga dapat gawin ang gobyerno natin. Pero, the way I see things, medyo malayo pa ang lalakbayin at matagal pang panahon ang bubunuin bago maging tunay na maunlad ang bansa natin.


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