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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pacquiao Remains the WBO Welterweight Champ In Spite of the Referees’ Blunder

Yesterday, the much-awaited boxing event of the year between Pacquiao and Shane Mosley ended in a unanimous decision victory in favor of Pacquiao.

Actually, it came as expected by the millions of Pacquiao fans around the world. Although I have failed it to watch, the live feed on GMA 7 because I am in church yesterday I have had to monitor the fight from the live radio broadcast of the fight through my radio phone but of course it is not very satisfying. Unfortunately, I have also missed the replay on TV 5 later in the night.

It’s a good thing there is You Tube. I have had a glimpse of what has happened in the fight especially in the third round where Manny knocks Mosley down with a right-left combination.

However, in the tenth round Mosley has pushed Manny down. It is frustrating to see the referee making a standing eight count on Pacquiao. It is insane because it is a clear push. Fortunately, it has not affected the outcome of the fight because if it has, then there would have been a riot.

I think regardless of the outcome, such crucial blunders must not be left without rectification.

For those who want to see those rounds again, the You Tube videos are embedded below:

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