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Monday, May 30, 2011

What’s the Hype with Skype?

With the latest acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, I am wondering if there will be a battle among the giants in the field of “chatting” service. It is not far-fetched to think that the integration would involve the Microsoft operating systems. I mean, it would be possible that in the coming upgrades of Windows, Skype would be integrated. Thus, if you were using Windows or any Microsoft OS, you would not need Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger anymore. I wonder, what would happen to Windows Live Messenger? Do you smell trouble here?

On the other end, Yahoo has launched the Yahoo Messenger for web. It is still in beta status but I have tried it already and it looks excellent. The best part of it is that you no longer need to download it. However, I could not find a button for web cam conferencing. Perhaps, that is only available with the YM downloadable application. With the YM11, there is a Facebook plug-in where you can access your Facebook friends while online in YM.

As of 2010, Skype has around 663 million registered users. YM has 248 million active users while Windows Live Messenger has 330 million active. I think the competition is becoming a lot more interesting. In the end, user satisfaction will still dictate the outcome.

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