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Monday, June 6, 2011

Adgitize Reverts Back to Its Old Pay-Out Structure

Adgitize is one of the best blog advertising network on the internet. For the last almost three months that I have been an active publisher in Adgitize, I have earned enough to launch my own advertising campaign. It is just sad that I have only been active in the three months before Adgitize has announced changes in the payout structure. I could have earned more for advertising activities if I have been active earlier than April. The structure gives less to mere publishers but will definitely give more to active advertisers.

The change is absolutely welcome. It is not fair for Adgitize to yield more than it can get. Besides, it is embarrassing to get money from the system without contributing anything.

Adgitize has announced Adgitize4business, which is designed for passive earning. This is definitely something that everyone would wait to see.

Adgitize4blogs is not designed to make money but it is designed to drive traffic to blogs. Traffic is still the lifeblood of any blog. Adgitize runs an effective program that delivers optimum traffic for a very considerate price. I believe that if you need a good advertising machine, this is the ad network for you.

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