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Friday, June 3, 2011

Microsoft Taking Over Nokia?

Last February, Microsoft and Nokia have announced their exclusive partnership for Microsoft Windows Phone operating system on Nokia smartphone handsets. This development has opened a huge competition with Apple I-Phone and Google’s Android platform for mobile phones. The Microsoft empowered Nokia Phones launches by 2012.  

However, recently, rumors spread among techy community that Microsoft might soon take over Nokia after the leading mobile company has suffered from allegedly a serious decline in profit margin. The rumor has caused Nokia shares to drop by nearly 18 percent last Tuesday, according to reports, which is a record low since 1998.

Nokia has dismissed the rumors as unfounded. However, news about the development continue to spread over the net.

Perhaps, users have nothing to worry about even if such development actually happens. I just do not know how it will affect the market forces vying for larger market share.

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