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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google Page Rank Value Goes Up!

I am reading Sir Rob’s blog, (a fellow Adgitize member) just a few hours ago regarding his Google Page Rank Update. I am posting a comment on his entry but I could not get through. Anyway, after reading his blog, I have become curious about my blog’s Google Page Rank so I have decided to check it out. For the past years, my Google Page Rank has been stuck at zero!

It is a surprise to find out that my Google Page Rank value has gone up from 0 to 2! I must admit that I have been so discouraged about my PR values because it has been stagnant at zero for a very long time. I have no idea how I would be able to increase it.

I am thinking, “What factor could have contributed to the increase in PR value?” I can only think of a few.

  • The age of my blog- it has been up for almost 4 years now
  • Frequent Updating- for the past months, I have been posting entries on a regular basis. Before, I only post when I like.
  • Advertising in ADGITIZE- I have noticed that my Alexa Rank has stopped at 379,000 in the last two - three weeks after going up steadily daily before that. Then I have observed that it has improved to 353,593 two days after I have started my Ad Campaign in Adgitize. I think, advertising in Adgitize has contributed to it as well.

Of course, it is just 2 from a possible 10 so it is not that much to be excited about and besides, blogging is not all about PR but still it is a good boost!

Image above taken from the PR Checker website


  1. Thank you Arnel for the special mention. I was wondering why you aren't able to leave a comment and if you can walk me through of it. It would be nice if you can tell me what had happen so I can correct it.

    Both my blogget blogs got PR 2 as well. Having such is much better than below it. hehe

  2. Hi, @sir rob!
    I have encountered a captcha error every time I have tried posting a comment. I do not know why because I am sure I add the numbers correctly! Hehe :)

  3. Glad to know that the Page Rank of your blog goes to 2.

    I have some websites with over 7 years, over 2,000 pages, all unique and good quality contents, update frequency. However the Page Rank is always 1, sometimes go to zero.

    I really totally frustrated with the Page Rank system, especially when I saw some new websites with copied contents getting a Page Rank 3 or 4.

    I always think "Contents is King" in the past 10 years when setup websites. I spent over 95% effort in writing contents. However it proved to be totally wrong and a complete failure.

    From now on, I will spend 85% of time to build links, and only 15% of time to build contents.

    I wake up now. I know now "Links are the King". Actually contents can be got any where and any time. This is the game of the Search Engines.

  4. Hi Alex,
    It is really frustrating sometimes but I guess, it's how things are here in this trade.


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