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Monday, June 13, 2011

Les Paul: a Passionate Guitarist

I would like to post more about Les Paul. Perhaps, not too many people know about Les Paul. Maybe not too many are interested to know about him but I believe he is worthy of a space here in the roster of amazing people.

While he is the godfather of the electric guitar, as a site refers to him, and inventor of multi-track recording, over-dubbing, reverb and echo, I believe he would want people to remember him as a musician who loves playing the guitar so much. It is his purpose for existence and all would be worthless apart from it. He is an image of passion that can inspire anyone facing discouragement.

In my research about Les Paul, I have learned that he has suffered from a terrible, near-fatal vehicular accident in January of 1948. At the Oklahoma City Wesley Presbyterian Hospital, the doctors have told him that the damage to his elbow is almost beyond repair. It would be possible to save his arm but it would no longer regain movement. It would stay in the position they would put it or they would need to amputate it. He has told the doctors to fasten his arm at a position close to ninety degrees. The position would still allow him to play the guitar.

After a year and a half, he has recovered and has begun playing and performing until a few months before he has died. It is an amazing courage. He has a passion that never wavers.  

Some say that if not for the accident, he might not have given time and attention to the musical innovations that he has introduced like multi-track recording and overdubbing. Still, I would remember him as a passionate guitarist.

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  1. it's the first time that i heard his name. thanks for sharing his story :)


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