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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Moon Turns Bloody Red: Total Lunar Eclipse Photos

A radio newscast this morning woke me up. I was still sleepy but the event was pulling up my consciousness: a total lunar eclipse occurred at one o’clock this morning (Philippine time). The moons turned bloody red as the shadow of the earth passed by the face of the moon and covered it from the suns light, which lasted for one hundred minutes.

I was still in deep sleep at that time and I felt that I just missed an important event in science. I failed to witness such a spectacle in the sky. 

Anyway, even if I was able to witness it, I would not be able to take an image of it since I do not have a camera so I had to depend on the internet to see how it looked. In my search, I landed to a site,, which showed an image of the lunar eclipse as seen in Jerusalem. The site’s correspondent, Simon Saavedra posted the article and images. I borrowed the image here and I placed a link to the original article.

I missed the rare event but I hope I could witness the next lunar eclipse that would happen on December 2011.

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