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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Into Forced Hibernation: an Unfortunate Event

You may have noticed that I have had not posted any new entry for several days. Well, I have been into a forced hibernation after my computer has suffered a major break down. For several days, I could not go online.

It does not feel good when I cannot update my blogs. It seems like I am missing something valuable.

LG LED E1941 Widescreen Monitor
Fortunately, my friend who is well-versed in computers has had time to reformat my computer. I feel like I am using a brand new PC especially that I have a new widescreen LED PC Monitor, an LG Flatron E1941.

If I have had a bigger budget, I could have bought an ASUS monitor but I have to settle to a lesser price. I am quite satisfied anyway with my new LG.

ASUS VH198T 19-Inch Widescreen LED Monitor

I have just noticed that my Alexa Rank has improved although my Google Page Rank has gone back to 0. The latter is a bit disappointing but I guess that’s how things are in cyber space.

Now, I am back with blogging and Adgitizing. Hope to see you all around.

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