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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

About the Libyan Rebellion

I am about to hail the Libyan rebels as courageous freedom fighters; amazing people who are willing to put their lives on the edge for country and democracy. However, recent developments are confusing to me.

News reports say that Libyan rebels have captured a Filipino engineer and vehicles from the Philippine embassy. Now, I don’t understand why they have to involve a Filipino overseas worker with their uprising. What does a Filipino engineer who is just working for his family has anything to do with the political struggle in Libya? It seems absurd.

I hope they can consider this act. For me, unless they admit committing a mistake, this is a clear violation of human right especially that the Philippine government is not an ally of Ghadaffi. I hope they would not taint their new-found freedom with reckless and senseless arrests of innocent civilians, particularly foreign workers.

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