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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Libyan and Syrian Rebellions

The rebel forces in Libya have managed to take Tripoli without much resistance from Ghadaffi’s forces. It seems like Libyan strong man Muammar Ghadaffi has lost control of the country. News reports say that the rebel forces have taken 90 percent of Libya and have captured two of his sons.

At the same time, Syria’s political leadership remains in unrest. Violence has been going on in the streets as President Bashar al-Assad refuses to leave his office. News reports say that two protesters have been killed by Syrian security forces.

It is alarming that political unrest pervades over the Middle East region. These recent developments might cause further economic turmoil worldwide as the price of oil might go up inevitably.

At present, the United States economy remains in a slump due to the recession the country has suffered in 2008. Many economies worldwide depend largely on the American market and we can only pray that the situation would not worsen.

Syrian protests in Facebook

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