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Saturday, August 13, 2011

An Amazing Driver

When I checked my Yahoo Mail this morning, I stumbled upon this video in the Yahoo Odd News from the Yahoo website about an amazing stunt driver who had received an award from Guiness for his special ability of parking his car in a very tight space between two cars.  

It is not actually the first time that I have seen such an act but it still surprises me. It is a nice stunt but I do not think that it is doable in the day to day parking routine. It amazes me to see people doing odd things for the fun of it and become famous or even rich perhaps. It seems crazy even to think of attempting but when you see the stunt done gracefully with perfect execution, you can’t help but marvel. Sadly, due to my handicap, I cannot drive a car.

I embedded below the video clip from Yahoo Odd News for you to see. It’s amazing!

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