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Friday, August 12, 2011

International Youth Day in Focus

It is good that BloggersUnite takes into focus the Youth. It is one of the strongest sector of society that needs great attention from government. Our national hero, Dr Jose Rizal has once said, “The Youth is the hope of the nation”. He sees the youth as the prime mover of the freedom and political transformation that would mend the social cancer that pervades in his time. I believe it is the same today. They need the best concern that government and society can afford.

The future of a nation indeed lies in the hands of the younger set of potential leaders because they will take our place when our time is up and will continue from where we have led them. We must be able to hone them in the right direction and prepare them to meet the crucial challenges that they are about to take as they head on toward their goals.

It is only right that we take notice of their potentials and listen to their voices and fresh ideas. Let us allow them to develop their innate abilities and use them responsibly.

Still, while I agree with giving the youth a voice in building social reforms, I believe that it should not give them the liberty to force their opinions as infallible. Knowledge cannot replace experience in the same way experience cannot supersede knowledge. Young people tend to become overly zealous and radical with the way they approach political issues.

Government and society need to respect their freedom in expressing their critical observations and provide their needs particularly in the area of education.

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