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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magiting Gonzalez: An Intellectually Challenged Athlete

Magiting Gonzalez has had autism right from birth. Autism is a condition wherein the social communication skill of a person is impaired but his condition has not stopped him from being a productive human being.

I have learned about him from a segment in an evening newscast. He is an amazing person. He works as an assistant librarian in the National Youth Commission Research Division. At the same time, he is a national athlete for the Paralympics, where around 30 millions athletes around the world with different forms of handicap compete each year. In the past competition he has joined, he has received 3 gold medals and one silver medal in weightlifting. He has been a model of diligence because he never misses a single training session even when he is not preparing for a competition.

He has made good out of his life even if he has autism. Many people think that autistic people are hopeless but he has proven that there is life behind autism. His father prays that he lives a normal life or a life that is closest to being normal. I believe he has proven himself to be better than other normal people who do not give value to life.

Go! Magiting and more power to your lifts!

Below is a video of the news report from GMA-7. The annotation is in Filipino but some conversations are in English.

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  1. autistic people do really have special talents. they're amazing!


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