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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memory Failure

Finally, I have found out what causes my PC to hang and break down- it's memory failure! I have had to buy a new memory to fix things up. Now I can go back to my computer works without interruption.

I have noticed some melted portion on the memory. The saleslady in the computer store says that power fluctuation might have caused it. The technician has suggested that I use UPS or Uninterruptible / Universal Power Supply to protect my PC. It would ensure that I can safely turn off my computer in times of power fluctuation or trip offs because the device prevents a sudden shut down, which is very destructive to the computer system.

I believe that it is a good investment especially if you need to use your computer for long hours. It is an important experience I have had, which I feel I need to share here in my blog.

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