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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Nameless Rescuer of a Miracle Baby from You Tube

Last week, I have seen videos of laughing babies on the early evening news. They are so cute to watch so I have thought of blogging about them. However, at that time, my PC is not working because of what I perceive as a hardware conflict.

So as soon as my PC has started to work again, I have searched for the video in You Tube but as I search, a video about a miracle baby in Haiti has struck me instead. According to the caption in the video, it is alleged that the mother has thrown the baby in a latrine to die. When I look up the meaning of latrine in the dictionary, it says that it is a communal toilet in a military base.

The baby is covered with dark mud all over the body. It seems that the baby has been submerged in a flood of dirty mud. It is truly a miracle that the poor crying infant has survived such an ordeal. I wonder what could have caused such a ruthless act. Could it be extreme poverty? Conception that has resulted from sexual abuse? Whatever it is, intentional killing of a human infant is never an option.

The video seems to be a segment from a local news broadcast in Haiti. Most of the conversation is in their language so I could not follow the details but in a portion where the female anchor has spoken in English, she is commending the man who has rescued the baby and has called him a hero.

I agree that such a man is a hero. He has saved a helpless baby from sure death. The video has not named the rescuer but whoever he is, he is truly amazing.


  1. That's just sick! (I mean the mom of that infant). I would understand whatever her reason was, but it could have been better to have the child adopted rather than killing it... :( Indeed a hero and a miracle baby.

  2. Yes, Mars, it's so sad... At least, the baby has survived... I think that's the most important thing...


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