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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aleeia Maclit IV: Light in the Darkness

Aleeia Macli
Aleeia Maclit IV is a nine year old girl, who has been born blind. However, she has shown great courage and confidence even in her tender age. She has shown determination and even though she is blind, she seem to see where she wants to go.

Her story is a special feature in documentary by Howie Severino for I-Witness, a TV documentary aired on GMA News TV. I like the way Howie has described her, he said that “even though she is in darkness, she has a bright outlook in life”.

She studies in a public school in Barangka Marikina, (Philippines). She currently tops the first grading period in her grade two class. She studies in a regular class, meaning, her classmates have no impairment at all. Yet, she has managed to top her class! She is indeed amazing!

She values education so much and hungers to learn, in fact her dream is to become a teacher and share whatever she has learned to visually impared children like her. Aside from her very positive perspective of life, I admire the support her teachers and her 26 year-old elder sister is giving her. Her sister says that even if her teachers have been giving great moral support to her, if she she could not get the same support at home, it would not matter. So she helps her out with her studies and homeworks. To me, that is an amazing sibling relationship.

Aleeia is amazing because even if she is visually impaired, she looks at her future in a very positive way. She is an inspiration not only to me but for all people who struggle with disability.


  1. it's so nice to hear positive outlook in life from her considering that she's a kid and with disabilities pa. very inspiring!

  2. Hi Carina,
    yes, that's true... in fact, she's better off than those who are physically complete but are using their strength to do evil...


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