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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Rare Water Spout in Lake Michigan

Over Lake Michigan near Milwaukee Wisconsin, a waterspout or a huge column of water has risen from the water surface to the thick overhead cloud formation. It is not exactly a spectacular event but it is a rare weather occurrence in the area of Wisconsin, particularly in Lake Michigan. Fortunately, it has lasted for only about 46 seconds and has dissipated immediately.

Waterspouts might not be as strong compared to their land counterparts as we have seen in the movie “Twister” but they pose a great danger to sea vessels, airplanes, helicopters and even swimmers. Experts say that the wind velocity within the vortex, calculated at 62-67 miles per hour, can destroy coral reefs if it forms near the shoreline and even marine life that are close to the surface at that time.. There have been reports that water spouts can pick up marine life and throw them out into some near land area.

During the 90’s, a terrible flood has swept over Ormoc in Leyte Philppines where more than 3,000 people have perished if I remember correctly. The amount of rainfall in the area at that time has been tremendously excessive. Some residents say that possibly, a waterspout have thrown a large amount of water into their area. However, that statement is not scientifically validated.

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