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Friday, September 23, 2011

NASA Satellite Plummets Back to Earth

A NASA decommissioned Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite as big as a bus and weighs around 6 tons, is plummeting back to earth and is expected to hit ground anytime now although the exact trajectory remains uncertain.

The last time I have heard of a NASA satellite falling from the sky is in 1979, when the Skylab has fallen back to earth particularly in Australia. I remember, drawing an image of the Skylab on paper. I am still eight years old that time and I have been intrigued so much by the falling satellite, which has been all over the news although I have failed to see it coming.

Experts do not expect any potential danger from the falling satellite as they say that it will disintegrate into shattered pieces as it re-enter the earth’s atmosphere. Instead of feeling anxious over it, they are even saying that this is a beautiful scene to behold because it would look like a meteor shower as it re-enters the atmosphere.

It is amazing how man can fly out into space through machines. Years ago, this could have sounded crazy. In the history of space science, such occurrences have not brought any damage to life and environment. I hope this time, when another NASA Satellite plummets back to earth, it will pose any danger to the environment.

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