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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giant Crocodile Captured Alive in Agusan

Giant Crocodile of Agusan c/o China Daily

The News headline in the local newscast earlier gives a shocking report about the capture of a giant crocodile in the town of Bunawan, province of Agusan del Sur. The giant crocodile measures 21 feet long and weighs around 600 lbs. It is the largest reptile that has been captured in the Philippines so far. There have been reports that this is not the only giant crocodile in the area.

The people who have worked together to capture this giant reptile alive are indeed amazing! Reports say that they are a group comprised of the local residents and some professional hunters. I have only seen and heard about a croc this huge in the old movie, “King Alligator”.

In a video clip below, they have tried to make the beast throw up by forcing water into its mouth but it seems like its stomach is empty. They have wanted to know what it had eaten in the past hours. They have been worried that it has preyed on a human.

Well, no matter how dangerous this living beast might be, I hope that it will be treated justly in the crocodile farm in Bunawan town where the authorities is said to take this monstrous and giant crocodile. They plan to make it an attraction to tourists.

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