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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giant Crocodile Captured in Agusan del Sur now named “Lolong” while in Bunawan Eco-Park

The giant Crocodile that was captured in Agusan Marsh is now becoming a tourist attraction in an Eco-Park in the town of Bunawan. Town Mayor Cox Elorde disclosed their intention to make it an attraction in their Eco-Park and eventually draw tourists to their town.

However, just after a few days, the Eco-Park has been closed to the public temporarily because the giant crocodile has been stressed due to the multitude of people visiting the park to see the giant reptile. The municipal ordinance has been passed naming the crocodile “Lolong”; after the name of the leader of the capturing team who has died during the stake-out due to heart attack.

The biggest crocodile on record in Guiness is a saltwater crocodile that has been captured in Australia, which measures at 17 feet long.

Experts believe that this Bunawan crocodile could be the largest in the world so far. The local townspeople are still hunting for the female croc in the area. It is possibly of the same size or even bigger but experts believe that it is another male and is more of a rival for food. Perhaps, that is the reason why this giant crocodile has left his territory to search for food.

Even if these crocodiles have potential value to the tourism industry, still the local towns’ people should not undermine the danger they are facing in trying to capture them alive. They are dealing with a giant and monstrous reptile.

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