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Friday, September 2, 2011

“My Love Life is like Coca Cola” says, President Noynoy Aquino

While on his State visit in the land of powerful China, President Aquino has spoken before a Filipino community in Beijing. In a portion of his speech, the President has cracked a joke about his personal love life.

His anecdote is really good. I’m beginning to like his sense of humor. He says,

“Somebody asked me, ‘How's your love life?’

He responded by saying, “Oh, it’s like Coca-Cola.”

The person could not comprehend his statement so he inquired of the President.

“What do you mean, Coca Cola? I don’t get it.”

The President responded, “Coca-Cola; before it’s Regular, then it has become Light, now it’s Zero!” Meaning, he is loveless at this time.

“My love life is like Coca Cola” is one of the best jokes I have heard in years and I have not expected that it would come from the President. However, I hope the president would pardon me for saying that I don’t really agree that his love life is like Coca Cola. I would like to believe that his love life is like 7-UP. He has had 7 girlfriends I think and the number is still going UP!

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