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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Should I Install an Alexa Tool Bar?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I have reformatted my PC after struggling from system errors and viral infections. It’s been a bit frustrating because I have to reinstall important software that I have been using and in the process I’ve been thinking, which ones should I prioritize for re-installation to minimize the time that I would have to use for the task and at the same time maximize the space they would occupy on the disks.

While I am sorting my list of applications, I have noticed that I used to have an Alexa Tool Bar on my browser but then I’ve had second thoughts at first of downloading it again because I couldn’t figure out the urgency of having it. I’ve been asking myself, “Why should I install an Alexa Tool Bar on my browser?”

Then, I have read an article about Alexa Tool Bar and I have learned the value of Alexa Tool Bar. Google uses Alexa’s information for Ranking and Indexing. It can help improve a site’s Page Rank. If it is true to Google Search Engine, perhaps it is the same with other search engines. It is much like the Nielsen Monitor Box on a TV, which monitors and records the TV channels and shows it tunes at. In the same way, the Alexa Tool Bar can monitor the sites the browser on which it is embedded visits regularly. The data it gathers influence rank and popularity of a particular site.

I guess, it is not bad at all to have an Alexa Tool Bar on the browser since it has a potential value to a site’s page rank. Besides, it can help measure a site’s performance.

If you have an Alexa Tool Bar on your browser, even your own visits count. It would help keep your site alive even when there are no visitors to it, which is the same principle why Adgitize counts our own visits to our site. It means that the site is not stagnant and we still update our blogs. However, do not over do it because it would be like cheating yourself.

If you’re interested to install an Alexa Tool Bar, just follow this link:

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