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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

Weeks ago, there have been rumors that Steve Jobs has died, which the people have found to be false and inaccurate later. Sadly, this time, Apple Inc itself has publicized Steve Jobs’ passing.

In a statement, Apple Inc has announced the tragic development... follow this link to read the official statement from AP
Indeed, Steve Job’s ingenuity has made the world better. The technology he has introduced has made peoples’ lives at work, at home and at play easier and more pleasurable.

At 56, his passing is a big loss to Apple at this time when companies race against each other toward better and innovative solutions to the growing demand of both business and leisure.

Steve Job’s fame will never decay, as his works will remain in the hands of millions of people. Whenever we touch our Ipod, Ipad, or Mac, we will remember a great man who has once traversed this earth. His memories will definitely linger and I hope his family who now mourn may find consolation in the honor that people give to their beloved Steve Jobs.

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