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Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs: a College Dropout?

After Steve Jobs' death, many things about him have started to come out into the open; about his life, family and profession but the information that has struck me the most is his educational background.

I have learned from an article in Yahoo News, which have originally appeared on Tecca that Steve Jobs is a college drop out.

The lead mind behind the most successful company on the planet never graduated from college, in fact, he didn't even get close. After graduating from high school in Cupertino, California — a town now synonymous with 1 Infinite Loop, Apple's headquarters — Jobs enrolled in Reed College in 1972. Jobs stayed at Reed (a liberal arts university in Portland, Oregon) for only one semester, dropping out quickly due to the financial burden the private school's steep tuition placed on his parents.
In his famous 2005 commencement speech to Stanford University, Jobs said of his time at Reed: "It wasn't all romantic. I didn't have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor in friends' rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5 cent deposits to buy food with, and I would walk the seven miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple." (news excerpt source:

Steve Jobs has dropped college education not because he has been too lazy but because he could not afford college education at that time. It must have been a difficult situation for a genius dreamer like him but it never stop him from pursuing his interest and achieving his goals. Persistence is the name of the game. If you have much of it, you will most likely get on top.

I am not saying that education is not important. Yes, many have become successful even without a bachelor’s degree but not everyone has a genius brain like that of Steve Jobs. Learning is a teasure that we all can obtain formally or informally and we should make the most out of what we have.

Perhaps, education is important to Steve Jobs that is why his inventions and innovations leans toward learning and making learning easier for people like the Mac and Apple I-Pad.

Steve Jobs definitely will go up to the roster of Amazing People of our generation.

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  1. i salute him for the great innovations that we are now enjoying.


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