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Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Do Not Need More Chemical Fire

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I have planned to post this article days ago after the chemical plant fire in Texas has filled news headlines. However, certain events have caused me to delay posting. 

The Magnablend's Chemical Plant in Texas has caught fire and have emitted toxic fumes into the atmosphere. It is one of the most destructive environmental accident in recent years after the Fukushima nuclear power plant melt-down in Japan. Perhaps, the toxicity it has caused within the nearby area is not comparable to a nuclear fall out, but the dark fumes it has emitted into the air have added more green house gases that intensifies global warming.

Global warming has been the culprit that experts point at concerning the occurrences of destructive weather systems particularly in the Pacific. Clearly, the industrialized nations have the most contribution in emitting these hazardous gases and in view of this, they should be spending more in the global initiative to neutralize global warming and climate change.

I hope those huge industries in the first world countries become more responsible with their toxic wastes and spend more for facilities that would reduce the risk of chemical accidents.

News Video courtesy of ABC News

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