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Friday, October 28, 2011

Twitter Saved a Woman's Life

I have read this article from Yahoo News that a woman has been rescued from her suicide attempt because of her tweets. It has struck me since I haven’t realized that Twitter can also help in that manner. I mean, I know Twitter is out there to connect people online especially those from distant places.

Apparently, the woman (Chiam) was suffering from severe depression that she wanted to end her life to escape from her emotional struggles. She posted about what she was feeling to her Twitter account including a photo of Changi beach -where she was at that time- saying that it was the last scene she was going to see.

A picture of Changi Beach posted on 31-year-old Elaine Chiam's twitter account, at the time she planned to kill herself. Chiam is believed to be suffering from clinical depression. (Photo: Twitter)

Concerned friends and Twitters who had read about her tweets rushed to her location and tried to track her down until a passer by found her in a dozy state apparently from drug overdose and called for medical help. Her boyfriend came in time to accompany his girlfriend inside the ambulance that brought the woman in Changi General Hospital.
Later, her boyfriend sent a tweet that she was going to be fine.

Many say that it is not advisable to reveal your exact location with your tweets for security reasons. Yet sometimes, telling other people where you are can be of help particularly in situations like this when instant help is needed.

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