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Monday, November 14, 2011

Majority Decision Victory for Pacquiao

All eyes and ears were at Las Vegas yesterday in the battle between two great boxers of our generation Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

In the initial rounds, Marquez was able to establish stance against Pacquiao. He showed good boxing skills as shown with his swift and effective counter punches. However, even if he was able to connect hard punches, they were not enough to stagger his opponent.

Pacquiao came back in succeeding rounds with punches on Marquez' face, swelling his right eye.
The Mexicans among the crowd could not accept the outcome of the fight. They believed Marquez won the fight but the judges saw the fight the other way.

I did not see the fight live but I was able to watch the replay last night. I felt it was close but I felt that Marquez’ effort was not enough to topple Pacquiao. For one, I felt he did not dominate Pacquiao completely. He could have hurt the champion but he was hurt too. Still, I believe, it was not the way to take the WBO Welterweight belt away from Pacquiao.

The Official Score Card

While Pacquiao also failed to dominate his challenger, he was able to connect crucial punches that were enough to steal rounds against Marquez.

Although, I observed that Pacquiao was not in his usual rhythm. Well, it seemed. I did not see his vicious left straights and crosses. Maybe age was taking a toll from him. Nevertheless, I was convinced that he won the fight. I would not have contested a draw but to say that Marquez won it, I personally think that is wrong. 

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