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Friday, November 25, 2011

Alexa Ranking: Demoralizing

I’m going through a period of weariness about blogging. For over two weeks now, I have not updated any of my blogs. I cannot say I have run out of things to write because I cannot possibly run out of anything to write considering I have five blogs running. Perhaps, I just lost some energy and inspiration to continue and needed some time to rest.

But one of the biggest contributor to this sort of demoralization is my Alexa Ranking. I don’t know what’s going wrong but it’s dropping too low. It used to go up steadily but when I have reached the 300,000 mark, it has stopped and have cascaded slowly and now it is at over a million again.

I don’t know if I would still like to display the Alexa widget on my blog because it does not seem to help. Anyway, I am still considering it.


  1. Stop worrying about your Google rank. Their algorithm is designed so that we lowly humans can't figure it out. :) Mine was climbing, climbing, climbing ... and then suddenly, with everything staying the same, it just started dropping.

    Just focus on writing interesting things and inviting comments. :)

  2. Hi Canadian Doomer,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement, I surely needed that :)

  3. Hello there,

    Dont stop just because your Alexa Rank is climbing high, but instead used this one as your motivation and set your goal to make it lower. But I also agree with Canadian Doomer

    You may also visit me here:


  4. Our strength is our writing and a blog gives us absolute freedom to express. We should be happy entirely on this fact. Please go on writing. For me, I even failed to install Alexa ID in my html. Now my 'Edit HTML' does not open! These are only statistics,nothing creative about them!

  5. Hello, ladyguinevere28...
    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'll visit your blog too.. Thanks again...

  6. Hello to you too, Chinmay...
    You're right we should keep our focus and not let little things discourage us... Thanks for the words of encouragement... God bless... :)

  7. Keep on writing do not mind it, I also dropped from 1 million to 4 million and I still want to pursue writing.

    Just adgitizing here, hope to see you also on my blog

  8. Thank You, @air for your words of encouragement... God bless :)

  9. Forget about rankings, you are not blogging for the rankings are you? Also, Alexa sucks and can be manipulated. Throw it into the dustbin!

    All the best to you :)

  10. Hello, Peter Lee
    Thanks for your comment... I'll be back soon, I'm just too busy these days... Thanks again... Best regards, too! :)


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