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Thursday, November 10, 2011

National Geographic declares “Lolong” Largest Croc in the World!

Last September crocodile “Lolong” has been captured at Bunawan in Agusan del Sur Philippines. It has brought the town of Bunawan into the limelight suddenly.

Yesterday, a team of experts from National Geographic led by an Australian crocodile expert, Dr. Adam Britton measured “Lolong” officially and confirmed it to be the largest crocodile in the world measuring 20.3 feet long. Reporters quoted him to say that it was like measuring a dinosaur.

Many animal rights activists, however, still press for the release of the croc back into the wild. They believe that the crocodile should be allowed to live in its own habitat.

Well, I respect the opinion of animal rights activists. Indeed, animals should not be removed from the wild. However, in the case of “Lolong”, releasing him back into the wild might cause alarm to the residents of Bunawan and in turn cause them to hunt for the crocodile to prevent it from doing them harm.

I believe it would be better now if “Lolong” would stay in captivity on the condition that the local government of Bunawan would guarantee its safety and care. Eventually, they can improve the area where it stays by expanding the perimeter and make it a virtual wild. I hope it would be possible.

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