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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tattoed Barbie

In ancient civilizations, tatooing has been a part of their culture and tradition. They have considered it a form of art. In ancient tribes, they use tattoos to signify a warrior’s heroism in war. The more tattoos one has corresponds to the number of enemy he has killed in battle.

While tattooing has become a form of art in many cultures, it remains to have a stigma in other cultures. In Jewish law, their people are forbidden to wear tattoos on their bodies.

In recent years, people have known tattooing to be marks of people from prison since it has become a form of branding by gangs and fraternities inside penal colonies.

Thus, tattoing has become a controversial form of artistic expression. This is the reason why the new Barbie Doll (tokidoki) has created a sort of controversy after its launch into market. The Tokidoki Barbie Doll has tattoes all over her body.

Many parents dislike the idea of a Barbie Doll with tattoes on her since it might send the signal to kids that it is ok to have tattoes on their bodies even at their young age.

Well, I guess it is a matter between parents and kids.


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