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Thursday, February 16, 2012

New NBA Superstar: Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin

Jeremy Lin c/o Wikiped
A new word has echoed around the world of professional basketball in the US. It’s “Linsanity” referring to the point guard of New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese-American who has displayed exceptional basketball skills and has lead the Knicks to a seven game winning streak. His gaining fame, undoubtedly, perhaps following the footsteps of Kobe Bryant and perhaps the legend, his airness Michael Jordan.

His buzzer beating three point shot during their last game against the Toronto Raptors has won not only the game for his team Knicks but also more attention from basketball fans for himself.

This new young athletic icon is becoming an inspiration to many basketball players around the world. Based on interviews I have seen on sports news coverages, it seems that he is a humble man. I have not seen any trace of fame getting into his head. Perhaps, that is why he is getting good breaks in his sports career.

Hope to see more from the “Linsanity”. Let’s see if his heroics would lead the New York Knicks to the NBA Finals this year.

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