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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Akira Yoshizawa: the Master of Origami

Google pays tribute to one great artist of all time: Akira Yoshizawa, the Master of Origami or the Japanese art of paper folding with an Origami Doodle.
Akira Yoshizawa c/o wikipedia

I remember doing Origami in school as a child even up to early high school. I used to do a paper model of a German shepherd then but I have already forgotten the technique if you will ask me to do one now.

I admire his creativity. Who would think that folding paper would become such a remarkable and famous artistic expression? Perhaps, during those times, people would think that he was wasting his time with pieces of garbage but he must have had shown a queer determination and passion for his art.

Well, his painstaking efforts have paid off! Origami has become famous not only in Japan but around the world! Amazing!

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