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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vegetable Musicians

Last night, I saw on a local news broadcast (GMA Network), a special report about Chinese musicians using vegetables like carrots to make music by drilling and carving holes on them like that of a flute.

I know a musician, a National Artist for Music in the Philippines, Levi Celerio who can make beautiful music by blowing on fresh leaves, but carving carrots to make music is something new to me.

It fascinated me so much being a musician myself. I tried to look for the new item in You Tube but to my further amazement, I found out that it was not something new at all.

I found out that there is “The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra” that performed at the Moscow International House of Music. The musicians used nothing but vegetables.

According to the caption: The orchestra members are from various walks of life. There are musicians and actors, but also an architect, a journalist, and a writer. They began playing vegetable music 14 years ago. Since then the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra has given over 200 concerts all over the world. After each performance, the carrot flutes and "cucumber phones" are usually handed over to the audience for snacks.

They are amazing!

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